If you got the toys, we got the trailers to carry them!

Our rates are the best.  You get the best trailers at the best prices at TX Toy Hauler Rental.

All Toy Haulers come with this setup. E-track with removeable wheel chocks.
Depending on trailer size and/or bike (toy) size will determine what can fit. This picture is from our largest trailer but all are set up similar.

Toy haulers are the same as travel trailers except you can put toys in them by means on a fold down ramp in the back. They also have fold up couches and beds on tracks that raise so that you have room in the back of the trailer to hold toys. Toy Haulers seem more open because you dont have fixed furniture and if its not being used it can fold up or raise up out of the way. They are a dual purpose trailer that can meet the needs of  the family for a camping weekend or bringing MX bikes to a race weekend.

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